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Kiss kiss, bye-bye...

Yo peeps, Welcome to the Beefmix, that's Didje Blowup from 'Bloupnbounce Sunbathes' ! What a dream, imagine yourselves relaxing on the beach with good music ! So I've got some groovy sounds for you... you know ? That sound which gives the big thrill ! Yeah, the same sound which brings you to the climax ! This is fresh ! Open your ears, open your eyes, welcome to paradise !
Kiss kiss, bye-bye !

stop the Business
own your Label
keep an Originality
find your Way
preserve the Underground
honor your Passion

Thanks for your support !
- bwp -

The brainwashing of a 'music business' which browbeats the radio frequencies all day long was boring to me. Thus I decided to mix songs with which I felt better, and to decide what to listen to. The wish to share my musical tastes tended to make me play every week end in 'pubs' or 'before parties', and that since 2003.

Main and current influences are Richie Hawtin; Chloe; Stuart Price; Warren Fischer, Casey Spooner; Roman Flugel, Jorn Elling Wuttke; Pascal Arbez; and many others...